That was funny



No issue really, just found something funny happing when I was registering a new domain.
I still had $7.35 as rewards and put that against the domain purchase of $11.95 ($2 up everywhere)

Therefore I had $4.60 left to pay with my card.
Was not possible since the minimum amount that can be paid is $7.96

So I made it to $8 and now I am in the positive. Which I am sure will be used sooner or later.




Yes you are indeed correct. That credit will be used towards the next payment that is due =)

Cedric H


So, can I choose how much I pay with my card to ensure that I always have a positive balance so when the urge hits me to register a new domain I don’t have to re-enter my information?


Yes you can. Just go make a payment for more than you owe

Personally I renew most of my domains at the same time every year (no they don’t all have the same expirations I just do it that way). I add up how much money I’ll need for all, make one payment, then the whole process goes very quickly, since the payments already done.