That final insult

I signed up to DreamHost in January 2008 and have paid my hosting and domain charges punctually ever since. Due to usability being systematically kneecapped while the price jumped by a huge chunk for both hosting and domain registrations, I decided to close hosting. Oddly it’s a “3 page process”.

The last page:

A demand for money in order to close hosting.

Go and Get Fucked, DreamHost :slight_smile:

I have not logged into the panel in months or visited the discussion board in months. This is not something I was expecting to see. Was this the remaining balance from their service?

The “service” was not over. I was going to leave my domain registrations here (at 2x the price paid elsewhere). However, the “Go an Get Fucked” part of the OP refers to my deciding to transfer all domains out as well after seeing this bs (albeit automated) slap-in-the-face.

But wait! There’s more!

After leaving I got a copy/pasta email about how hard they’ve been working on things and how they’ve upped their game with customers. It was the EXACT TEXT that a DreamHost representative copy/pasted into this forum not long ago.

As I said: Insulting.

I have always felt slightly pushed to the side by DreamHost ever since they jumped on the WordPress wagon. My company doesn’t use WordPress as we do custom web application developments and training solutions. DreamHost has slowly become the “not for our use” type of hosting platform for developers.

We have been concentrating our clients to other providers for awhile now. We are still using DreamHost for a couple of clients but after finding out that email forwarding is no longer a “feature” that is supported was very disappointing and odd. Depending on if the client is upset with that lost ability, we may be moving them to another provider. It is sad to see DreamHost fall like this. I have used DreamHost since 2007 and have been very disappointed in watching it fall.

I like Dream Host :slight_smile:

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That’s exactly what happened. They became a puppy mill.

Support staff are still fast and efficient – however they haven’t actually got a lot left to support.

Don’t get me wrong, I love DreamHost for what they provide. It’s just since the WordPress drive many years ago I feel that my needs and their direction are parting ways. It’s not a big deal, I understand the blog environment we are in now and hosting providers must change with the majority.

Unfortunately, WordPress & Social Media are the new web. It’s changed everything. I left Go Daddy hosting 8 years ago because of the shift to WP focus.

At least DH continues support of client accessible server & error logs. Most everything else can be accomplished with alternatives. I have 6 email aliases forwarded & use AWS as a secondary server to run processes not supported on shared hosting.

Yeah, we pulled a client from GoDaddy to DreamHost a long time ago. They still use GoDaddy for their Microsoft 365/email needs. We couldn’t convince them to move over to another provider for those services. I don’t blame them as GoDaddy made it difficult/impossible to move/transfer the Microsoft 365/Email services. It has been better for them to be on DreamHost even with having to work with GoDaddy for their needs.

DreamHost please integrate the Microsoft 365 services into accounts like you do with Google Workspaces. :slight_smile: I know DreamHost is a Linux/Open Source only type of company, but…it really helps those of us working with businesses…besides Microsoft is attempting the open source approach nowadays. :slight_smile:

We use DreamCompute and DreamObjects for our needs and it is a great service and product! Highly recommend it.

We have one client who has a static site on Shared Hosting and we use the email service provided by DreamHost for a couple of our other clients. That is what started my surprise about the email forwarding for user accounts being disabled when attempting to meet a client’s request to forward their email to another account. This was the first time I saw this “solution” done by a hosting provider.

Care to share a bit more details on your mail forwarding alternatives/workarounds? Our requirements are that each user must have their own mailbox through the companies domain. They do not like the idea of using gmail for their email services.

Well that’s what my end point is… Gmail.

I forward 6 different email aliases from 3 different DH hosted domains to one gmail account. There I have the settings config’d to allow send/receive from those same addresses, so I do everything from gmail.

This can be done for each address separately of course. I don’t know why anyone would not like using gmail. It’s secure and easy, and offers the same features on mobile, which many email clients don’t.

Never going to happen.

Wise men.

If you’re admin’ing their panel then PM me and I’ll tell you how to do it (over non-DH comms).

What’s the alternatives ppl are using instead of DH? Pls PM me, I’ve been here since 2007 and watched them slowly chip away all the extras that made this service worth the $$ back in the day.

There are a million alternatives, although I haven’t seen many posters here recommending anything in particular. The question you need to ask yourself is how much control do you want to have over your stuff (and more importantly: are you capable of getting off the tit).

For the past 4-5 years I’ve only used DH for email, so I just switched the last domains I had here to two “free-tier” Oracle VPS’s. One set up as a mailserver to handle all email and the other a webserver running Apache2 with PHP 5.6, 7.4, 8.0 for websites. Works fine. And being free, the price is awesome.

If you have thousands of visitors per hour you might need something with a bit more oomph for webhosting than a “free-tier” server – but it really doesn’t have to be as expensive as the “top hosting companies” are charging.

Protip: When it comes to webhosts; you’re paying for a Panel.