Thanks for steering me away

I was in the process of creating a new account when I thought it odd that there was no way to talk to sales about general new account questions, etc. I tried to the contact form but received no response. So I thought to check this forum. So much to learn. No telephone support apparently. Extraordinary waiting times for chat and email technical support. Questionable email service (and email service is the primary reason I’m looking for a new host.)

Lots of other choices to look at. Glad this forum was here though.

You’re welcome, thank you for your feedback! DreamHost is a quite open company: we don’t censor these forums, people are free to share their honest comments here.

One thing to be aware is that you see here a lot of people who complain, and those are a tiny, very vocal minority of DreamHost customers. On the other hand of the spectrum, you should be aware that DreamHost support keeps on winning awards for their quality. For the third year in a row, DreamHost was rated Best Webhosting Service This is not a pay-for-play award: PCMag interviews actual customers who are not given any incentive by DreamHost.

That said, please keep shopping around and pick the best solution for you: we’re quite confident of the quality of our services and products but we’re well aware that we cannot satisfy everybody all the time.

PS telephone support is offered at extra charge.

Thank you for your reply. I am aware that forums tend to hold mostly complaints, but in many cases here those complaints, especially about delay, are not rebutted. Thank you also for the pcmag link, though I note you lead the way in percentage of users needing support, though the support they receive is highly rated in that survey. Still shopping. Worried about email reliability.

Indeed, it’s always good to do extensive research. Email especially has had multiple outages recently but the team has spent lots of time to make it more stable. Considering that it’s a free add-on to the hosting packages, I find it to be good value (and this is my personal opinion).

fwiw, i’ve been with Dreamhost since way back and am still here, despite maybe 1.5 massive frustrations over all those years. you could definitely do worse! usually DH is very helpful, and i’ve enjoyed the vast majority of services.