Thanks for listening to your users

I (and others) asked nicely, with detailed, cogent reasons why, that you NOT drop RoundCube email in favor of this crappy new atmail but you did it anyway.

So thanks for that. Can’t tell you how much we appreciate it.


Seriously. Does anyone know their reasoning here? Their existing Roundcube implementation can’t have required much maintenance. And they still allow you to switch back to an ancient version of SquirrelMail. Why not keep Roundcube?



I am quite pissed off right now.

  1. There wasn’t anything said about replacing RoundCube with a new client. The notice just said they are launching a new client, which if anything lead me to believe they were replacing the clunky, old, Squirrel Mail.
  2. The “reasoning” on the wiki is dead wrong…let’s take these one by one:
  • Faster – Better hardware and built-in caching allows faster service/decreased load times than previous Webmail clients.

Not my experience so far. Every message I’ve opened has typically taken longer.

  • Contacts – Atmail offers the ability to create custom contact groups and add photos to individual contacts.

Yeah, it just dumped over 600 “contacts” into a single folder for me. I had about 100 in RoundCube. The other 500 were automatic scans from RoundCube, not contacts.

  • Active development – Atmail is actively developing its software to remain current and relevant. Atmail’s sole focus is on email so its full attention is on product development for Webmail applications.

RoundCube was, and is being actively developed. There were two updates release on 26 December 2015, and the Beta version of RoundCube 1.2 was released in November. That really sounds inactive to me. (Just look at the RoundCube website:

  • Larger uploads – Offers the ability to upload attachments much larger than former versions of Webmail, and allows up to 30MB through the web browser interface.

Was this seriously an issue for most people? It likely was a matter of configuring the webserver to allow larger attachments (but I would have to dig in the RoundCube docs to confirm.)

  • Mobile UI – Comes with a mobile user interface that you can use with any modern smartphone.

Most phones have a mail client that is easily configured. If it’s that difficult for users to configure it, why not just wirte a small Android / iOS add to configure the mail on users phones? If webmail is really needed on phones / tablets, why not just find or develop a RoundCube theme to handle it?

  • Click & drag attachments – When creating a new email in Atmail, you can easily drag a file from your computer into Atmail to automatically attach a file.

Ugh. Not even worth considering IMO.

So, basically, none of the touted reasons for this switch amount to anything worth while.

Now on to my list of grievances with the new client:

  • The interface is clunky. With RoundCube I could easily select multiple emails without having to aim at a little tiny checkbox. All I have to do was hold the ctrl key and click anywhere on the line of the message(s) I wanted to select. Actions that were out in the open in RoundCube, like delete messages, select/deselect all are now under a menu so it’s a multi-click operation.

  • Some operations are not even available: like print.

  • Operations are slow - try deleting a message. RoundCube was fast, Atmail is very slow, often taken 15-30 seconds to complete. The same is true when moving messages to a folder. And, RoundCube gave you an indication that an operation was being performed, Atmail has no visible indicator. Oh, and searches often display either “The search is taking longer than anticipated” or “The search index is being rebuilt” messages. Searching is a critical feature to maintaining my mail, I often use it for deleting junk messages (I have a particularly nasty mailing list that will release batches of mail at a time, so I can get messages sprinkled throughout my inbox suddenly. Best way to handle them: search for a tag, check to see if I need to ready any, then delete the whole lot. Painful operation with Atmail.)

  • Speaking of the search: RoundCube had a simple drop-down to allow selecting fileds to search. Atmail has some clunky drop down that doesn’t replicate the simple, graceful functionality of RoundCube.

  • The interface looks like crap. The fonts in the inbox index are horrible. Then when opening a message is opened, the font is frequently tiny.

  • Messages don’t render correctly. I have a daily report that comes out with a “greenbar” type effect (done using inline CCS / HTML), Atmail doesn’t display it at all, making the tables impossible to read. It doesn’t even honor the fonts or other markup that is in the emails, making the tables nearly impossible to read.

  • URLs don’t even get handled as links, and yes I do have that option turned on.

  • This doesn’t address any of the other features that I would have liked to see in a new client. IMO, I would have liked to have something that has a todo list, calendar, notes, RSS reader, News Reader, etc. Those could be features that users could turn on and off as wanted / desired.

But, the things that really get me: today it decided to delete ALL the messages in my inbox when I had 1 message selected for deletion from a search result. Yes ALL of my messages are now gone. They aren’t in the trash, they aren’t in the junk folder, they are just GONE.

Atmail isn’t even opensource, really. They want to charge nearly $2K/year for each 1,000 users on your site. Holy crap. You aren’t getting a server with that, if you wanted that, you’d be paying around $7K for 1000 users. And those prices are for on-premises installations, not hosted installations.

What the are you guys thinking? There are a host of other options out there to evaluate: Cypht (formerly HastyMail), MailPile (highly secure mail client), Zimbra, Horde/IMP, AfterLogic and Citadel. And those are just the ones I found looking at Wikipedia: – there are tons of others out there. Another option: RainLoop - free / open source, or a purchased mail solution.

Basically, this whole thing is a fiasco. IMO - if you don’t want to back out of your idiotic choice of Atmail, maybe add some alternative mail clients or groupware to the one-click-install system, and let us set up our own clients.


All the initial notices said squirrelmail would be updated, made no mention of roundcube this is what has pissed me off the most!

Many problems with atmail, major one of mine is I can’t actually see any email in it, unread count shows it is there, just shows blank

After logging a call figured out I can roll back to squirrelmail, which seems stupid seeing thats what atmail was suppose to replace.

Roundcube has much more functionality than atmail

  • No link to Mailbox Manager anywhere, at least squirrelmail has that at the login page.
    -Can’t even add different identities in atmail that is a must, that I can do with ease in squirrelmail and roundcube.
    -Identites not migrated… but can’t be used anyway from what I can see in atmail
    -Can’t actually check any further because atmail is not even working properly for me!

Once they finish messing around with it all I will be looking for a new host with decent spam filtering, this has just pissed me off so much.

I’m wondering if the issues you are seeing with Atmail being slow have more to to with the ongoing issues DreamHost has been having with the Junk Mail filtering, rather than Atmail itself? As long as the junk mail filtering doesn’t get bogged down its been very fast for me. With Round cube, users with large mailboxes (3-4 GB) would have trouble loading messages, that doesn’t happen with Atmail.

It clearly is running slowly - and I’m happy to assume that the folks at DreamHost will fix that.

But my problems are with features - not with speed.

All depends how many users DreamHost pays for, etc, etc. but it isn’t beyond scope DH is paying $1m+ a year, and for the basic version.

The basic hosted Atmail lacks features like being able to send from multiple ‘Identities’ from one login.

[quote=“bjk03, post:5, topic:63328”]
I’m wondering if the issues you are seeing with Atmail being slow have more to to with the ongoing issues DreamHost has been having with the Junk Mail filtering, rather than Atmail itself? [/quote]

Given that the junk mail filtering happens between the SMTP server and the MUA, I would seriously doubt it. Delays in messages moving from the SMTP server to the MUA would be expected in such scenarios. However, by the time the email is delivered to my inbox it’s free and clear of the filtering process.

That’s a totally different situation… But the problems persist even after my inbox got blown away, so it’s highly doubtful that it could be my inbox. But, even if I had 20gig of email it shouldn’t be this slow. I’ve run all sorts of clients, especially ones I’ve used for long-term archival purposes of literally 1000’s of email messages, and none of them have displayed the issues that Atmail has.


Even the “on-premises” version doesn’t have that, something that I had missed in my original diatribe about this. Atmail is just a weak pile of proprietary crap, and the users of DreamHost are suffering for the ignorance of someone’s horrendously stupid decision, especially when there were a ton of other options available.

I’ve come to expect DreamHost to be the kind of service that will work with their customrers by providing the ability for us to customize our environment if needed. But in this case, we can’t even try to offer any solutions to issues since we have no way to investigate them.


Or is there a little bit (or a lot) of incest going on here?

Maybe someone at Atmail knows someone who was in a position at New Dream Network (DreamHost’s parent) to arrange for Atmail being paid for this. Its the only answer that makes sense to me.

Either way, you’re right, the users are paying for it.

But then, no one under 30 uses email anymore … just read this DH Blog post if you have any doubts.

Awful to hear about the forced migration away from the existing webmail solutions; I wasn’t aware that that was part of the plan. I’ve recently (like just last week) come back to Dreamhost after several years at other hosts, and (aesthetically at least) I’m loving atmail so far. But if I had an established setup in place with existing sites on Squirrelmail/Roundcube, I’d be livid at being forced to switch, to say nothing of the contact/mail issues. Hopefully DH takes steps to address; the timing worked out for me but I feel for the affected customers.

I agree that this change was strange and I’m not happy atm with the ONLY new option.

I’d like to know when the “This is our new mail interface…” message in the top of the screen is going out? Is there any way to avoid it and I’m being stupid and didn’t find it?

Yes please…that is a lot of screen space to waste on a useless and outdated message.

HATE this atmail interface. Too many bugs.

How can I go back to Squirrelmail, if at all? Don’t see anything in control panel to do it :frowning:

Your only option is to Disable Webmail in the Control Panel. And then install your own webmail software

^^ Customer Service Level right there

I asked this ages ago when they first started telling us.
Wonder when they’ll integrate Metro Interface and all as well

AT mail looks like a bad clone of Gmail and Outlook.

Seriously, icons and ability to add “pictures” to contacts is s “feature”? Oh please, give me a break.

  • The interface is painful to look at - it gives me a headache
  • Not being able to log in with aliases and send with identities? Even ancient creaky Thunderbird has that!! How stupid
  • Not open source? You mean I’m actually now paying extra for this shit?
  • The stupid thing is slow to index
  • I don’t need their filters, really. They wouldn’t know who were “friends” and who were anything else, and I will decide how I want stuff filtered, not them, thank you.

This whole thing is a dumpster fire. They have replaced a perfectly servicable email client, squirrelmail, with a kiddie ripoff of gmail with little icons everywhere and no functionality. What did they do, hire someone from Yahoo to manage this?

I use webmail on computers that aren’t mine, for a reason. Now I have to figure out how to set up a server-side webmail client for multiple domains.

I am furious.