Thanks for help have a look in my account!

My account

Can I account for what happens the problem? My site does not open, I want to cry, no one to help me! Distributors ignored me, I really want to cry, a lot of friends waiting to visit my site! Thank you!

Want to die of heart has, and no one to help me!

We’re customers and can’t look at your account information. What is the URL of your site?

Your site was hosted on another user’s account which has been disabled for fraud. You will need to sign up for your own hosting account.


I want my data, please help me! Thank you

Since you are not the account owner, I don’t think they will give you the data. The data here belongs to the person who owns the account. You will have to ask your friend to try to get it back.

Account disabled do not know can not be opened! My site is not illegal to put some things, I do not know why off site, I want to cry, ah, a lot of people waiting to visit![hr]
May I ask how can the disabled account, and then enable it? Thank you!

No. You have to start over. Make it again on your own account.

I contacted yesterday, and online customer service, they want to buy me a check number! I do not know my account was disabled, the check number to do it?