Thank you SOOO much for free whois privacy!


I didn’t really know in what section to post this but I really want to give a huge hetro-hug to the guys/glomp to the ladies behind setting up DreamHost’s whois privacy’s system. This is something I’ve wanted for YEARS but I hated someone else having the power to take down my site so easily/have control over my domain and not have any relation to my hosting provider. To be honest this is something I gladly would have paid for (if for whatever reason you cannot continue this service for free, I think a 10 - 15$ yearly charge would be a great idea - I believe this more or less mirrors what other companies pay to take care of the paperwork that is assoc. with this kind of product). I didn’t want to send anyone a direct e-mail because it’d just be fodder, even though it’s positive. To repeat, a huge huge huge thanks.

Loyal to the end (w00t to dedicated hosting coming under the DreamHost name btw… if I ever have a site that requires such service I won’t have to leave my favourite provider) - Tony Rayo (


Woohoo! Free WHOIS is great isn’t it? :wink: