THANK YOU! -- Happy New Year DreamHost!

Wow, you just tripled everybody’s diskspace - forever! I could go swimming in all this new diskspace and not reach the far shore this month. I’m stunned. Thank you, DreamHost!

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Indeed. I thought it was for new customers only but to my surprise it wasn’t! Thank you so much DH. It’s little things like this that make me think more highly of you. Thanks again DH.

Agree, I LOVE this free upgrade. But then to be frank, this has more to do with staying competitive. And now (with e.g. 2400MB/120GB for under $10), DreamHost has once again become VERY competitive, esp. with its reliability. Just look forward to even better level 1 support. :wink: - Gung-ho Web Hosting :: $7.95/mo for 800 MB Disk and 120 GB Transfer

Thanks, DH!

Ahhh, yes! It was to my very excitement to see my diskspace jump from a gig and some change to FIVE GIGABYTES.

I love you, DreamHost. hugs

These are the kind of things you only see in newspapers in magazines! sarcastic smirk