Text Wrap on Announce List

I have 2 announcement lists. One is a test list and I’m the only recipient. The other is my official subscriber list.

When I paste a message from WordPad into my test list text box, it looks fine.

When I paste it into my official list, there is no text wrap, and I have to scroll to the right to read to the end of the line.

Character set on both is iso-8859-1

How can I fix this? Need to send an email out really soon.


Did you check or uncheck the box next to “Is this HTML?”

If it is checked, then the text will be considered HTML, and in HTML, text is word-wrapped automatically and white space collapsed.

However, if you do not check that box, the text will NOT be considered HTML. Thus no automatic word-wrapping or white space collapsing.

You’ll need to insert line breaks in the text. A line break, aka “new line” is a character sequence that tells the software where to break text into lines. In the case of e-mail, a new line is a carriage return followed by a linefeed. Operating systems might have different ideas, such as just a linefeed on UNIX and just a carraige return on Mac, if IIRC.

I whipped up a CGI script that does word wrapping. Copy your text here and submit the form, and it will insert line breaks.

Tabs are characters that are kinda like extra-wide spaces, but the width depends on the software showing the text, so usually its a good idea to convert each tab to a series of spaces instead. However if you need the tab characters, set “Tabs” to “Yes”.


The source is available at http://atropos.openvein.org/web/dreamhost/perl/source/wordwrap.pl

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