Text-ad systems

Does anyone know of a simple text-ad system that will run properly under php5? phpAdsNew does run, but it makes my hair hurt – much too sophisticated for me. I can’t even figure out how to get the kind of text ad I want:

Clickable Title
Descriptive text underneath

I used to use Idya Adsystem but it broke when I switched to PHP5 in order to get Coppermine gallery to work properly. Their support forum has gone 404.

Update - I’m still interested in new text-ad systems. For now I did work-around the problem of of Idya not working any more by moving the script to a domain that was not running php5 and calling the output from there.

I still like phpadsnew :slight_smile: If you call it via php it works great for text ads :slight_smile:


Read the manual for phpAdsNew it takes about 2-3 hours then after that you are sweet. It is probably the only open source project I have ever seen with a better than commercial grade manual

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