Test.txt file?

Hi, I’ ve found this test.txt file containing only this line: ftptest.txt
in one of my subfolder. Is it something like dreamhost maintenance stuff ? A hack attempt ?
I’m plain newbie and a bit paranoiac, if someone has any idea about this please answer, thanks.

It shouldn’t be a DH maintenance thing. If you don’t know what it is, or how it got there, you should contact support immediately, as it may be a hack attempt.

It is also possible that some software you are using on your own local computer put it up there (webcam software, new ftp client setup routine, etc?)

There have been a few recent issues where users have found stuff in their directories, so if you really are convinced your, or your software, didn’t put it up there, contact support right away!.


One more thing (sorry I forgot in my initial response - I made a new post so you would not miss it!):

Check you site(s) for invisible link spam (view source) - there has been some of that mysteriously appearing lately :wink: .

If you do not know how to check for that, post back with a link to your site(s), and some of us will look at it for you.


I agree about contacting them… unless someone else comes along and says it’s normal for certain installations that apply to you.

A google search for “ftptest.txt” brings up a ton of results. At a quick glance, I didn’t see any results that mentioned anything bad… but that doesn’t mean much.

If it wasn’t created by something you installed, support should probably know. Definitely won’t hurt to contact them if there’s any doubt.

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thanks for your answers. Just found out the origin of this file, no problem ( i’ve given access to a blog software to upload image files, this was a test). Apologies for this panic attack and thanks again for your time. .

Thanks for the update, and I’m glad it was a “false alarm”. :wink:


Good deal. :wink:

What was the program that did it?

The answer could come in handy if someone else notices it and searches the forum for info.

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