"test" server

I have a client who owns sanwiches.com I have been asked to develop a small website for this and am relativley new to the hosting side of things.

What would be the recommended prcedure for developing a joomla site for testing/building that would NOT be on sandwich.com and later to be transfered to sandwiches.com when it is live?

I was wondering is it would be worth my while purchasing a domain such as deadmeattest.com to develop sites on then transfer them later?

FAKE EDIT: domain names are examples obviously

Just set the domain up here, mirror it with a free dreamhosters.com sub-domain for viewing it… then when it’s ready, point the nameservers here.


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Your a star buddy.

Yet another success in my attempt to learn how to become a successful web designer using forums as my primary guide.

Everything is working beautifuylly now, I take it when I go to put the site “live” I just point the nameservers to dremahost and change to fully hosted in the Mnage domains section?

I’m running a basic joomla site so will their be any problem with the sql database? its hosted on the same domain as mysql.sandwiches.dreamhosters.com.