Test Environment?

Maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough but is there a test environment I can upload my web pages to so the owner can see online before I put in production?

I usually create a sub-domain for this purpose, something like test.mydomain.com. When I am happy that things are working as expected, I move everything across to the ‘live’ domain.


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Did that. Thanks.

Having a weird issue with just one page on my test site. Have the following bad code for some of my graphics:

<img src="…/domain.com/folder/picname.gif"

I’ve deleted out the text so the images are pointed correctly to the folder and everything works fine viewing it via my html editor but evern after I upload corrected file to my server the incorrect code is still showing.

Any ideas?

Try forcing a reload, usually ctrl-F5 will work. If not, clear your cache and load the page again.


If you’re using Opera or Firefox, it’s Shift+F5. Although those two apps are good with their cache. It’s rare you have to force reload.

Actually it’s ctrl F5 for firefox, but you’re right about opera. if you do a ctrl-f5 in opera it reloads all of the open tabs… can be really annyoing if you’ve got a lot.


Oh … oops. I’ve always used Shift + Reload button and that’s always done it for me. But as I said earlier, it rare that I have use it. The last times I’ve used it has mostly been CSS file caching. Fx is a bit flakey with that one.