Test domain for WordPress



Now with the new WP3.4 (I am still on 3.3.2) I would like to create a test blog for all plugins and my theme.

So I would like my full blog from 1 domain copied over to another domain and also use a separate database with the content of the existing database.

Of course I have full backups of both on my computer,
but I need to start with WP3.3.2 (DH already installs 3.4) and need the database copied somehow.

How do I do this?
I think I can just FTP the WP3.3.2 in to the test domain, but how do I get a copied database for the test domain.


Create a new empty database using the panel.
Login to your existing database and click the home icon in the top left
the last tab is synchronize.

For complete instructions and example screenshots click the ? icon in the top left and scroll down just a little until you see the line “synchronize two databases residing on the same as well as remote servers” and click the FAQ link at the end of the line, then click the “how to synchronize” link from the FAQ. (Sorry the link includes the domain name embedded so I have to just tell you how to get there.)

The fastest way for you to get the older version of wordpress to install would be to use wget from a shell prompt and get either
http://wordpress.org/wordpress-3.3.2.tar.gz or http://wordpress.org/wordpress-3.3.2.zip

Then of course you can use cp -r to copy the theme ans plugin directories over (assuming the test subdomain has the same user as the live blog).