Test account settings in outlook 2003

Hi Guyes,
I’ve changed my ISP recently. I am using their mail server as SMTP. After finished new configuration In outlook 2003 - in "email accounts’, their is a button “test account settints”. aftre pressings that button it will check 5 tasks. but 4 tasks are successfull except “send test email message”. I am getting this error:

“Send test email message:The specified server was found but there was no response from the server.Please verify the port & SSL information is correct. To access this setttings, close the dialog & click on the advance TAB”.
So, what kind of problem & why this is happaning? Is there any effect in my sending email?
Please help…


It could be that their SMTP server doesn’t support SSL, whereas DreamHost’s do. Try turning off SSL for outbound mail.