Terrible performance when using .forward



I’ve installed courier’s maildrop package to filter my mail – I don’t trust procmail – and I’ve noticed that if I shell out, say, to spamassassin, or maildirmake, the subshelled process takes about 15 minutes to run. It will run, but the delay means a latency of up to 30 minutes to have mail delivered just from postfix into my maildirs.

Help! What’s going on?


Ok, updates. I tried a simple test in the mailfilter file:

exception {
log(“it is now: $D”)

what gets printed is:
it is now: this is only a pop email account

What’s going on here? I really, really, really don’t want to go back to using procmail, if I can at all avoid it.


Ok, I figured out my problem. The latency was a redelivery delay, when maildrop returned 75 (EX_TEMPFAIL) because (drumroll, please), the SHELL variable wasn’t being set. Setting that variable (to the bourne shell) fixed my problem. Whew.