Terrible Customer Support

I have had problems with some billing issues. I also have one tech question. I started submitting questions about 26 hours ago and have yet to get one response.

I don’t understand ignoring new customers and not providing support.

Look around the forums, you’ll understand.


Look at the prices. Code monster account $19.95/month. If we make the (crazy) assumption that hosting costs nothing, that’s $19.95 per month per customer. That will pay for about half an hour of Dreamhost staff’s attention to you.

Of course, in reality the infrastructure costs a lot too, so really it’s “Help yourself, and if it all goes wrong we’ll try and get someone to fix it. Eventually”

Dreamhost provide good value on technical merit, but support really is lacking. Here’s my example:

  • I have a busy site. Unfortunately it’s been getting a bit busy for shared hosting. Last week Dreamhost sent me an e-mail saying I’m using 20% of the CPU minutes.
  • Now I don’t want to be a resource hog, but how am I meant to know if the site’s too busy, until they tell me? Dreamhost give no usage stats until they decide they want you to upgrade from a $20/month account to a $150/month account. Then they give you about 1-2 weeks to sort it out.
  • They’re now providing me with stats. The stats are meaningless - they account for about 6 CPU minutes. Claimed usage is about 260, which I don’t dispute, but as I’m being asked to cut it down, I need to be able to measure the effect of any changes.
  • Support e-mails asking them to explain the situation have been conveniently ignored (let’s face it, most queries do get answered - just not the ones that have no reasonable answer!)
  • Support told me they were going to move me onto another server. They didn’t tell me when. Or that only some of my files would move (missing crontab and most files in home directory). Or that the IP address would change (I thought I had a static IP for the site, apparently not).
  • Support take hours to reply to urgent issues (site down, can’t log in).

So yeah, I got my money’s worth from Dreamhost - $20/month ain’t bad for running a website, but that money never really included decent support. But now the time comes to go dedicated I feel I’d rather try elsewhere. Dreamhosts premium for monthly billing is unusually large and I’m not about to pre-pay over $1,000 for a year’s mediocre (at best) customer service.

Also one more point while I’m at it - few sites will ever make use of the triple bandwidth offer of 192Gb/month (except maybe static images/multimedia files) because you’ll be using too much CPU resources in most normal cases before then.

Unfortunately, with shared hosting you’re working blind on the CPU front until you’re told it’s too much. Dreamhost are no better or worse than others here.

1&1 hosting. They were #1 in Europe. About a year ago they were trying to break into the US market so offered a free three year deal. The only thing I find lacking is that I need a few more sql servers - which is why I signed up here $10 for the year and I also was able to get unlimited sql servers.

They give you detailed information, their customer support is awesome and right now they are running a free six month deal if you want to check them out. They do not spam your email or even ask for a credit card when you sign up for their trials.


Now as far as heavy trafic sites I’m not sure how their prices or deals add up. Most people that I know use their sites for personal sites. This gives more space then I have personally ever needed. The deal I got when they tried to break into the market kicked this new 6 month deal in the butt though.

This is the 2nd business day that I have gotten absolutely no response. I will be canceling tomorrow and will be asking 1&1 about the prices for additional sql servers.

Now, I don’t know how much experience you have with other hosting providers, but in my opinion DreamHost really is a Dream Host. So it takes them 1-2 days(2 days is rare) at most to get support, it sure beats not getting any support whatsoever and I’ve been there, and it’s not fun waiting three weeks for support only to find out they closed your ticket without actually doing any “supporting”.

You’re about as funny as a crotch–Archie Bunker

That is true. DH hasn’t closed my last ticket giving the go-ahead to a server move. Sure, at the time of this writing it’s been 11 days and 1 hour (and counting) with no activity. But at least they haven’t closed the ticket.

In all fairness, most of the time the replies have been within 48 hours. But this last one’s getting awfully close to 300 hours. Maybe I should give up on that ticket?

300 hrs? Wow, that is terrible! I’ve never had a bad experience with DreamHost, but then again support requests have been few and far between for me. However, they always got to me within 30 hrs. I don’t know what to tell you. Perhaps you need to send in a support ticket about your support ticket. I wish you luck. Hopefully, posting here will catch the eyes of a moderator and get it taken care of.

You’re about as funny as a crotch–Archie Bunker