Terms of Use/Acceptable Use Policy

I am currently taking classes to get my degree in computer science. One of my classes is requiring us to create a project and for this project we need the use of a database. We can use Mysql.

Would it be within the Terms of Service/Acceptable Use Policy for me to create a database on my dreamhost account to use for this project? It doesn’t specifically have to do with a website, so I was unsure.



You’re certainly free to do so, although if you’ll be the only person using the database I’d recommend installing MySQL on your own computer if possible.

Thanks Andrew,
It was going to be for my whole team to use. It’s a group project. My professor though seems to think that it could cause problems, legally (the reason I posted at all) and at this time my group has just decided that it isn’t worth the fuss and is going a different way.

Thanks for the answer though, I was still curious about it.