Terms Of Service (TOS) Question

I have read the TOS, but have one question I just want to make sure of. Can you store small mp3 files on your server without breaking the TOS?

If you have permission from the copyright holder you can host anything.

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What about videos then? Is it the same thing?

If you have permission from the copyright holder you can host anything.


Let’s clarify something. There are two separate questions here. You should also know the following: If you upload a file to your web site, you are making a copy. And if someone else downloads the file, you are distributing it.

You seem to have a question about the type of file - whether it is text, audio, video, or image etc. You can host all types of files at DreamHost.

The more important question is the file content. You need to determine the status of the content with regards to U.S. copyright law. It regulates who can make and distribute copies or derivative works. Also there is content that will also get you in trouble like child pornography, viruses or trojans, spam-related, etc.

So the most important point is that if the file violates copyright law or is otherwise banned/illegal, you may find your account shut down.

So you need to ask yourself these questions: Are you knowlegable about U.S. copyright law? And if you are, do you have licenses for your content or anything else that backs up any claim that you have either permission or fair use to distribute the content? They are not simple “Yes” or “No” questions.

You will want to read this web site here: http://abuse.dreamhost.com/

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