Terms of Service question

New customer with a Terms of Service question.
Is it compliant, or against the Terms of Service with a general hosting account to do the following…

  1. Utilizing a sub-domain off one of my hosted domain, configure a directory with restricted access (.htaccess change). Credentials to this directory will be shared with a small number of people (four).

  2. Installation of a web-based, PHP file manager.

  3. Secure FTP access to this directory, placing documents and then using clients to keep this directory in synchronization.

Content on this resource will be retrieved via SFTP as well as the web file manager client. All content hosted will be legally obtained and consist of documents and general work files. Content stored on this resource would comprise approximately 25GB.

I do not wish to utilized the “Backup User” functionality, if it can be helped. I realize it offers SFTP access but would like the option of utilizing a web front end for these files.

Is this permitted under the general Terms of Service?

We’re just customers, so we can only guess. My guess is that it’s ok since it’s a web-based service. But you’d have to contact Support to get an authoritative answer.