Terms of Service and Recording Visitor Information


I looked around a bit and couldnt find anything on the subject, so apologies if I am duplicating a question already answered.

  1. I cant find the DreamHost terms of service, would someone be so kind as to provide a link?

  2. Does Dreamhost record any information about my site’s viewers? I want to host an open forum where free speach can be shared without fear of U.S Government snooping. Nothing illegal, but if you looked at what happened to Reason.com lately, thats what I want to avoid. I want a website where no viewer information is recorded that way when the government demands viewer information, I can honestly say that I have nothing to turn over.

Um… that is disturbing. However, you must understand that on any shared hosting service there will records. Its a matter of how the systems are set up, and even monitored. If you truly want control over this aspect, then you need your own physical box, that you, and you alone are responsible for. With that, you could turn off all logging of any information which would produce identifiable records. You would pay the devil to troubleshoot when things go sideways… but you could do it. Let me add: you also should understand that the bandwidth provider, also has records on the IPs being routed to your server. There truly is no way to completely hide and be publicly available, despite what TV shows say. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: