Terminating account, should I? Google/DreamHost working together

Hi everyone. Thanks in advance for your help. I’ve got myself in a mess and I’m very very frustrated and working hard to get myself out of it.

Here’s the rundown:

My domain and host privileges were about to expire with DreamHost when a friend convinced me to head to another host (JustHost). He being better informed than I, I took his advice and bought their hosting package.

I renewed my domain registration with DreamHost for another year, however, because it was cheaper than with JustHost.

Apart from the original domain (koprivamedia.com), I’ve purchased a second domain through Google (kopmed.com), and made a google account for it. I want emails and sign-ons to be associated with kopmed.com, not koprivamedia.com. (Shorter, easier to spell and remember for clients).

When I try to add my koprivamedia domain to my kopmed google account through the domain admin page, I get a message that koprivamedia has another account associated with it. That is true. I did have a google account active with koprivamedia, but there is no option to delete it through Google’s standard procedure. Instead, it seems the following applies to me, “If you don’t see the Edit link, your account was likely created through an organization or company. To delete your account, talk to your domain administrator.”

My question is whether or not deleting my dreamhost account will release my domain (i’d buy it again through Google’s domain service, double-paying isn’t that big of a deal in the end). I’d like to delete my google account associated with DreamHost and integrate the domain that dreamhost will be registering for the next year.

Don’t try to expire a domain and pick it back up from another registrar. You MOST LIKELY won’t get it back, there are 1000’s of bots watching domain expirations and they pick them up at wholesale bulk rates hoping you will go “UHHHHH-OHHHH” and have to pay a premium to a squatter to get it back.

You have 2 options:
[]Continue to register the domain thru dreamhost (you do NOT have to maintain hosting with dreamhost, you can keep just the domain registration with dreamhost and point the nameservers to google or your new host.)
]Use the domain transfer process to transfer the domain registration to another registrar.

Some wiki entries on the transfer process: