TempTransfer folder questions

Hey –

I put some files via ftp in a folder on my domain called TempTransfer, and now a couple days later - not surprisingly I guess - they’re gone.

I believe this folder is created by default when you set up a domain, but I can’t find any documentation on it. Does anyone know what the timeout period is, how long files will stay there, and whether it is the right place to put files for people for a day or two …?


First, welcome to Dreamhost. I see this is your first post.

I do not have such a folder in my directory. Maybe it is something new(?). Do you still have it (just empty) or is it “now gone”.

What you should have is: Maildir, logs, a directory for your domain (assuming you signed up for one), and a handful of dot-files (5 IIRC).

My only suggestion is to make a new directory and re-ftp your files.