Temporary URL?

Sorry if I’ve missed the answer to this question, but I’ve certainly searched the wiki and the forums:

I want to transfer sites from my old server to my new dreamhost account, but I don’t want any downtime. I can transfer the files, and setup the databases easily but even so, I might make a catastrophic error along the way. So I need WWW access BEFORE I change the nameservers, so I can check those sites are operational first.

As I’m on paramount.dreamhost.com, can’t I access my sites using some alternative, temporary address? Like http://paramount.dreamhost.com/myusername/mydomain.com – if you see what I mean?

I’ve tried various possible address combinations but not hit upon a predictable one yet.

Many thanks

This should do the trick:


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Thanks. Don’t know how I missed that. However, they’re still very difficult instructions to follow.

I’ve tried to add a subdomain to dreamhost.com and paramount.dreamhost.com, but I just get:

“Can’t add domain: you don’t have permission to add to dreamhost.com


The free sub-domains are on dreamhosters.com – not dreamhost.com.

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Doh! I’m blind as well as totally unable to use a Wiki. Thank-you. :slight_smile: