Temporary site in sub directory

While I work on my WordPress site, I’d like to have a temporary HTML site in a sub-directory. How do I do this?
I think I need to set the DNS at my registrar to DreamHost servers and then specify the sub-directory in the DreamHost control panel.
I appreciate the help.

I put temporary sites in a subdomain. Are you already hosting the main site here?

There’s also this if you’re hosting elsewhere:

The main site is hosted here. I just set the A record at the registrar to point here. I was hoping that instead of coming to index.php in the root directory, it could resolve to index.html in a subdirectory. I’m not sure how to do this or if this is the best plan. I don’t want the url to reflect a subdirectory though. The registrar is GoDaddy.

Edited to add: I just tried adding the subdirectory in the Users, Files, and Paths section of Domain Management. We’ll see if that does it.

DNS doesn’t specify subdirectories. A workaround would be to create a Fully Hosted subdomain owned by the same FTP user, and specify that subdirectory for its home.

Instead of:

This will transparently pull data from your main site’s subdirectory and serve it as the subdomain.