Temporary password not working (or I'm doing it wrong!)

Hello all,

I just signed up for hosting through DreamHost this morning and unfortunately I have not been able to access the initial web panel. When I am at https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi I have attempted in the username field both the email address I registered with as well as the FTP username sent to me in the welcome email.

In the password field I am using the exact FTP password sent to me in the same email. I have not been able to access the panel to change the password so this temporary password should still be in place. Any combination I use gives me “Error! Username or password is incorrect.”

I can think of 3 possibilities- something with the account is still pending, the password is wrong or has been locked out, or I’m just not doing something right. I would greatly appreciate any tips or advice so that I can get in and get everything started!

Thank you!

And ftp password and a panel password will not be the same thing. An ftp password will work for a server user, but no the panel.

The username should be your signup email address or an account name in the form of abcdef##

Thanks for the responses. I have tried the account name in that form with no luck. Since it asks for email address in that same field that should be an option that works, which is why I think it has something to do with the password.

If you’re trying to log in to panel.dreamhost.com, the password you use there should be the one you entered when you signed up. It is not the same as the randomly generated one that was sent in your activation email.


I have tried using that username with no luck. Since I am unable to access the web panel I also cannot file a troubleshooting ticket on this. Any additional help you could provide would be great. I definitely want to be able to get in to everything before my trial period expires!

SocialTek, I just checked, and you should be able to log in using the same GMail address you used to register for this forum (s...g@gmail.com). If you don’t remember the password that you used, you should be able to reset it using the “forgot password” link on the login page.

Whatever you did it worked this time. Thank you!