Temporary IP


We currently have several domains hosted with Dreamhost. We would like to develop a Wordpress site to replace an HTML site we have online now for one of those domains. We would like to do this without interrupting the current site, and then transfer the domain over to the wp site when it is ready. Is there a way we can just create a folder on the server without having a domain associated with it. I figure we need a temporary URL or IP to the root of the account, and then tack on the folder name to access the install.

How do we find out the IP address to the root? Or, is there a better method for accomplishing what we have in mind?



I’d recommend using a sub-domain for this task. For example, if your current site is www.example.com, then create the sub-domain test.example.com and install WordPress on test.example.com. Now you can develop your new site on test.example.com, while the old site continues to run at www.example.com. The files for the new site will be stored in the directory ~/test.example.com/

When the WordPress site is ready, you can switch it to run at www.example.com. Be sure to check the WordPress Codex page on how to move WordPress installs:



If you choose the method above be sure to create the sub-domain using the same ftp/shell user as the original domain. This makes “going live” with the new just abit easier. You can also password protect that sub-domain meaning that test.example.com will need credentials to even reach the site. You would set that up on the htaccess/webdav page in the panel (hint: don’t check the webdav box on that panel page)


My domain is with another host. Can I still use the above procedure to set up a development address for a new WP site which will be ultimately hosted at Dreamhost? The old site needs to stay live until we finish the WP site and repoint DNS. We have purchased Dreamhost private server space. Thanks.


Yes, you should be able to do that. You could either use a dreamhoster name (like test-example-com.dreamhoster.com) to develop the new WP site, or you could define a sub-domain (test.example.com) and point it at your Dreamhost server.


Thank you! So I just created a new FTP user, then added the domain, then created the subdomain.dreamhosters.com to mirror it. Now I need to figure out how to install WP on the sub-domain (not seeing it in dropdown yet) and begin – thanks much.