Temporary increase in resource limit



Converting data from an old script to a new format ready for a new script. The conversion runs fine on my laptop but runs into an ‘out of memory’ error on my DreamHost account.

Anyone know if its possible to make temporary increase in the memory limit so the conversion script won’t be prematurely terminated. The script uses around 10 megabytes or RAM.


You haven’t described what kind of script you are running, or what language it is in, so it’s hard to know how to answer you. You can compile your own PHP, for instance, and tweak things there… but the default PHP is already configured with a 90 MB limit.

It sounds to me as though the DreamHost “prockiller” is tracking down your process(es). Remember that DreamHost provides you access to a fully featured shell environment, but its primary purpose is the serving of webpages, not dataprocessing. :wink:

Have you tried running your script(s) heavily “niced”? You might also consider doing the data processing on your own machine, and just uploading your converted data to the server for use by your new script.

Without more detail about the script(s) you are running, and the error message(s) encountered, I can only suggest you contact support … I do not know of a way to temporarily allocate more resources to a user on a shared server (DreamHost PS does allow this, however).



Thanks for the advice. I’m using perl and with some largish hashes of data being processed. You’re right, shared server is probably not the right place for this process even if it only takes 60 secs. I’ll be downloading, processing and then uploading the results instead.


Yeah, procwatch tracks memory, CPU, and execution time and then “does it’s murder” as it sees fit … sometimes nice will help, and other times “not so much”. :wink:

It can be frustrating, to be sure, but I consider it a resonable inconvenience to endure in order to have access to the shell, and I understand why it does what it does.

Hopefully the “distributed processing” won’t hinder you too much in accomplishing your task(s). Good luck! :slight_smile:



sshfs won’t help you?

The data is on the server the script on your local machine…

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Something I came up against at DH is the headroom in the apache user. It’s MUCH lower than your account’s user. If you were trying to execute through WWW try doing it through SSH instead.

I’m almost certain that that’s not the case but it’s worth asking just in case!