Temporary DNS Changes

I’m on of the unfortunate souls stuck in the spacey cluster that’s currently down, and down for who-knows-how-long. I’m looking to edit my DNS to point my default A and a www records to another server here at my office where I’ve set up a notification for my users. The problem is that the records I want to edit are listed in the CP as being un-editable.

Does anyone know of a way to change these records short of waiting for the DH support team to do it for me?

Nope. The only way around this is to temporarily switch to another DNS service and update your WHOIS to point to that DNS service. You can’t edit those entries because they’ve already been assigned to your fully hosted domain.


Purely from a BIND standpoint it should be just as easy to edit the default and www records as any other, it’s just that it doesn’t seem that DH wants to let us. I can understand that this is to keep the bulk of general users from breaking their DNS service, but it’s a bit of a pain waiting on support when I know exactly what needs to be done. I’m not keen on changing the NS records because it’s a temporary change and the propagation time would have been more of an issue than the server being down since the cluster has since come back online.

So right now it’s really a moot point, but thanks for the reply. o.<d