Temporarily suspending account?

I still have about 7 months remaining on my 1-year hosting plan. I would like to not use those 7 months up now, but I would like to instead use them after a year or so, when I’ll have real use for them. I would still like to have control over the domain name that I registered with Dreamhost (which should give me the ability to point the domain name to an already existing URL.)

Is this possible? What should I do if I want to temporarily suspend my account?

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It would be my guess that you can’t do this, but the way to find out would be to contact support.


According to the promotional material, it is suppose to be possible to either upgrade a service or downgrade. So When you talk to support, ask them if you can downgrade to domain parking. As long as DH set up your domain name, it should be free, but it may be possible, that they will charge a small fee.

[quote]It would be my guess that you can’t do this, but the
way to find out would be to contact support.


Actually, temporary suspensions aren’t a problem at all. Whatever portion of your payment is unused is simply applied to your account as a positive credit. When you re-open your account, it begins to be used again.

Note that there are a couple of caveats to this:

  1. Domain registration. There’s no way to ‘suspend’ a domain registration, so it’s possible that the domain may expire at the end of its term depending on how soon the person plans on re-enabling the plan. To prevent that, they would need to set the domain registration up as its own service (Support can do that upon request).

  2. Content. After a certain length of time (this varies depending on a number of variables relating to disk space - usually from a few weeks to a couple of months), any content stored under your account will be deleted. Your account information will remain, but email/site content/etc. will be wiped. For that reason, we recommend backing up all of your content prior to closing the plan, as it may not be there when you get back. Once you re-open things, just re-upload your data and you should be all good.

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