Template for indexes

So I have my .htaccess file to enable indexes (+Indexes) and I get the typical index screen of a directory when I go to a folder. Can I change the template of the directory index so all indexes will look like it?

If you mean that you want all directories to show an index like the one you already have, use this syntax in your top directory’s .htaccess file:
Options All +Indexes

If you’re trying to change how that index looks, no, you can’t.


Yes, to some extent you can customize the appearance of your directory listings. See the mod_autoindex documentation for more information. The directives of interest to you are probably HeaderName, ReadmeName, and IndexOptions.

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The mod_autoindex documentation is kind of confusing. What file(s) do I edit to do this stuff? I’m only really familiar with editing .htaccess and .htpasswd

Thanks for the info.

It can be, especially if you are unfamiliar with the terms used. However, a quick google search will no doubt turn up some tutorials on the subject.

Generally, you add the required options to your .htaccess file.


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