Template cannot display full user name, help!

Running phpBB 2.0.13 and I have installed a template based on subSilver.
The whole forum is just fine, except the header part, where it says
"Welcome Back! (username)".
It cannot display the username in full.

For example,
username = abcdefghi
it will display “efghi”

username = garbun0629
it will display “un0629”

however, if the username = bunny
it will display “bunny” in full.



‘U_PROFILE’ => append_sid(‘profile.’.$phpEx.’?mode=editprofile’),

Please help!

My template doesn’t display at welcome message so I don’t have the files to look at to be sure, but I’m wondering if there is a table set up for that welcome message, and it doesn’t have the space dispaly the full user names.

The examples you showed the user names were all cut down to five or six charcters, and bunny is allready five. You might also check out the PHPBB forum and see if other people have had the same issue with that style, and what they did to fix it.


It shouldn’t be the template, but you never know. If you had to edit code, or add things to code, it could be, but a template is pure specially formatted HTML code, no programming code involved.

phpBB themselves don’t have any welcome! message, so I’d suggest taking this up with the Theme author. He can then take a closer look to let you know if this is a Theme bug or a phpBB bug.