Temp URL..?


i’ve just signed up with D/host what im wanting to know is this… .?

before i swap over my DNS settings from my existing host do we have a temp url that i can use to view my webpage…??? to make sure its 100% before swapping over.

this way i can set it up now & view it to make sure its right before swapping over the settings… so i should not have any downtime on my forum…???

the host im with now did this, giving me time to upload & make sure its right before swapping over my dns settings…

thanks Baron


If you didn’t create a subdomain when you signed up you can make one still. Go to “Add Domain” and make a subdomain of “dreamhosters.com

I just tried it and it worked, was added into my domain list.


you create the subdomain to mirror your domain. That way you have all the files allreayd set up for your domain and ready to go with the DNS switch, and you can use the sub-domain to view your site.

Just add a new domain in the panel, set it up as a “mirror” of your domain, like yourdomainname.dreamhosters.com and then you can check out your site.



this is the worst setup i’ve ever known…

i can’t even connect to the mysql now to swap over my existing mysql to this new host …

upon signing up with this host it asked if i wanted a new domane name or do I already own a domain,

i already have a domain thats up & running BUT i’m running out of bandwidth, this is why im moving…

anyway i opted for the option
"" I already own this domain and will change my nameservers to DreamHost’s. “”

its now not even giving me the choice to log into mysql as its looking for my domain name thats already in use…

i wanted to transfer my forums that im running now over to here… & then after everything is up & running then swap over my DNS settings…

this is how i did it on my last host, i signed up to them & they gave me a temp url, where i then setup all my forums before changing the dns settings…

but looking at the way this works i can’t do this… as its now looking for my URL thats already in use…

does this mean i will have to swap over my DNS settings before i can access MYSQL …??? if so then my forums will be down for @ least a day until i sort things out… (no Good)


Just edit your “hosts” file with appropriate entries; you can all the servers whatever your want so long as you get the correct IPs from the DH DNS control panel.