Temp location while DNS propagates

I just set up an account and have FTP access - But for the life of me I cannot find the temporary place to access my uploaded pages via my browser.
I set up a parked subdomain at whatever.dreamhosters.com - Is this all I can do?

I am used to having a “you can access your files here while the DNS updates” sort of thing.

instead of setting up a parked subdomain at whatever.dreamhosters.com set up a mirrored domain. That way you will have a place where you can view your webcontent before/while DNS propigates.

As far as uploading you should have gotten information in your welcome E-mail on how to do that. basically you FTP in to your_server.dreamhost.com and put your files with in the folder name yourdomain.com (the same will apply if you want to telnet/ssh in to yoru server)

Then you can go to whatever.dreamhosters.com and see what you’ve accomplished.


Thank you - I changed it to mirror about an hour ago.

I was unclear before - I have the ftp ssh stuff working (litterally 5 minutes after i set up the account) and have uploaded my index - its just that the subdomain (mirrored) ryank.dreamhosters.com still returns a DNS error.

Under my domain management tab, here is what it says:
Status:active Reconfigured (PST): 2005-07-24 13:01:36

By active, does that mean it should be working or what?

it may take 2 hours or so to propigate through the Dreamhost system. Try again in abour 30 min or so, hopefully it will be working by then.



ryank.dreamhosters.com still doesnt work


ryank.net does… Cheers for DNS propogation in… 5 hours? :slight_smile: