Telnet/SSH issue


I’m new to Dreamhost. I’m currently using the free domain ( before I transfer over my real domain. I am having problems with SSH/Telnet.

With the default user that was setup for my account, I am unable to telnet/SSH in to the site. I recieve an access denied message. I enabled Telnet/SSH via the control panel area several days ago. I never received any form of email confirmation of this action from Dreamhost.

I set up a second user and gave it Telnet/SSH priveleges. I received email confirmation of this from Dreamhost. I AM able to Telnet/SSH into the server (Zuma) with this second account. I can change directories and eventually get to the directory for the temp/free domain. The problem is that once I’m there, I cannot chmod, rename files, etc. Permission denied.

Since the main account does not allow me to Telnet/SSH and the second account allows me to do that but does not let me do basis directory/file functions - how can I do things like ‘chmod’ on the temp/free domain and if I transfer me real domains will the problem exist for them too?



Users are ftp users by default. Go to the Users => Users tab of the web panel and edit the user - change it to a shell user.

I feel like such an idiot…

When I signed up at Dreamhost, I chose a “username”, which apparently is called “Web ID”. When I added a user, I chose the same “username” as my Web ID (the k.i.s.s. theory). The User that was added was assigned a different random password by Dreamhost and did not match the password that I chose for my Web ID. I thought it was only for FTP usage.

You can probably guess the rest…

Whenever I tried and failed to Telnet/SSH, I was using the password for my Web ID and not for the User that I added later. I felt about 1 pixel high when I discovered the obvious, but thanks anyway for your help and thanks to Will’s response which made the light go off in my noggin.

Now off I go for my brain surgery appointment…