Tell a Friend script?

I made a mistake using a third party script for form email in the past and got my Dreamhost account hacked because of that.

I’m curious if Dreamhost has a “Tell a friend” / “Email this page to a friend” script or if someone can point me to one (a safe one)? I want to implement it on a Wordpress site. I’d use a wordpress plugin but alas, Wordpress has tons of official plugins, just not a “Tell a friend” one.

Check out number 11, it should do what you want.

well, the good news is the plugin works. The BAD news is that it screws up my templates when you click ont eh “Email this post” link and get sent to the subsequent form…

Never mind my bellyaching. got everything figured out.

One thing though (for Nathan or whoever else wants to comment) – should I run this through SMTP or PHP? Which would be safer? Better yet, anyone know if it’s possible to use Dreamhost’s mailing script with the plugin?