I am looking into web hosting services for my husband, a hard-core technophobe. He needs to set up a very simple site, and he has someone doing the design work for him. All he’d need to do is upload the files and occasionally change, add, or edit something - all of which would fill him with terror. Do you think DH would be a helpful company for him to use?

While DreamHost would not be my first choice for those new to hosting, since your husband only needs to upload his site and the site is simple (presumably no PHP/MySQL problems to work out), he should be fine here.

You can either configure a simple FTP client for him, or teach him to use the web based FTP client that DreamHost provides.

Another option, if he is using Windows, is to create an FTP shortcut that points directly to his domain directory here on DreamHost. This will open in Internet Explorer and appear just like any other Windows Explorer window, he can simply drag files to/from the window and close it when he is finished.


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