Technical Support Stinks

My sites have been down for over 12 hours and all I get is ridiculous automated emails telling me they’re not. It’s obviously a problem connecting to mysql or with the mysql server. Your tracking # is 2957118.

How would you like us to help? Have you tried accessing your DB with phpMyAdmin?


I just checked your support request tracking number, and I see that a technician has it in his queue. Note that we endeavor to answer all support requests within 24 hours (and we are usually a lot quicker)., but there are times, depending upon the problem, or the size of the queue, when it could take longer.

In any case, submitting multiple repetitive tickets about how “ridiculous” you find your situation, and then complaining on the forums, is not likely to make a tech want to answer your ticket in front of someone else’s. :wink:

If your request has not been addressed when I get into work this afternoon I will deal with it then.

–DreamHost Tech Support

My first attempt to connect to the db for using phpmyadmin timed out. The second attempt had significant latency but finally connected. The site also seems to be back.

I’m sorry but having multiple site down for 12 hours is not acceptable especially when the only response I get is a form message saying there’s no server wide problem.

Perhaps you should reconsider sending emails that say there’s no problem when the obviously are problems. Another solution would be to allow clients to respond to these emails.

I’d be happy to take this offline, but I can’t seem to get in touch with you folks any other way. If you like, please send me an email with a name other than support