Tech Support?

Over the years, I’ve generally had pretty good tech support experiences w/Dreamhost, but today, it’s like they’re off, or not in the office, or something?

An important client (who I referred to Dreamhost) is having a problem with his site being down. I tracked the problem down to his web server (Aster) not connecting to his MySQL server (Bawu).

I confirmed this by downloading the site to a local LAMP staging server, and there, it connects to the Bawu database perfectly.

Simply, Aster & Bawu aren’t talking with each-other.

I reported this at about 9:20 this morning, and never got so much as an automated response to the ticket.

I forwarded to Dreamhost on Twitter (@DreamHostCare) two hours later, and never got a response there, either.

I’m going-on five hours now with nothing… Not so much as an acknowledgement that they’re still even open for business?

What’s going on?

I’m really starting to look bad here, after convincing this client to use Dreamhost because of my “Good experience with their tech support.”

It’s getting really awkward answering his calls every hour or so, trying to explain that Dreamhost is just no longer responding?

Shared hosting? Have you paid for premium support?

24 hours is typically standard for most tickets…

Hi Tom,

We are indeed in the office, and hard at work! We strive to answer all support tickets within our 24-hour guarantee, though usually much sooner! When it passes the 24 hour mark is when we send those automated messages. I do apologize that we couldn’t respond to you sooner. One of my colleagues has just emailed you (looks like we just needed to update your MySQL hostname), and is now loading :slight_smile: If you have any followup questions or concerns, feel free to reply to the email directly. Thanks so much!