Tech support not replying


i am from hong kong and our email is not working for last 24 hours. we have contacted the support via webpanel but the tech people are not replying.

normally they do reply but this time they are not reply.

pls what should we do?

the call back service is only for USA.

24 hours email down is too much for us.

What’s broken?

Did you flag it as “People are dying!”? Since it’s highly critical, and it’s been more than a day, I’d suggest a second ticket.


hi Scot…

Finally today someone was kind enough to reply.

I did mark it as “People are dying” but even then there was no reply.

Now it is fixed. The problem was the username/passwords were rejected as they moved the mail to different serever. The tech guy told me now that it was permissions issue which are now set correctly.

Finally, our email is back.

But… for a moment in last few hours I was started to think that quality of dreamhost is going donw as tehy do not even reply tech request.

Anyway, the end is that Iam again a happy customer.