Tech Support Falling Behind?

#770252 Perl Module request: CGI::Kwiki 3 days 9 hours
#769484 Re: Message from support. 5 days 11 hours
#768270 word attachments to mailing lists 7 days 9 hours

[To be fair, (1) the oldest one got a reply w/in 24 hours saying it was being passed on to another tech who better understood the issues. But that was about week ago… (2) the second oldest is just a note saying I’m looking forward to the answer to the oldes; (3) is a new issue, but most of the days are weekend time]

From the looks of those subject lines, my guess is that each of these issues involves either installation of special software or something else that needs to be passed along to a developer/administrator.

The vast majority of items sent to us are answered (and usually resolved) well within 24 hours, but any ‘special’ installations/requests can take a lot longer, esp. if they aren’t emergency/downtime related.

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It had been about 12 months since my need for support but last week I need it. I was a bit worried when my job was about 240 in the queue but I did get my reply the next day. ( I think it took about 22 hours)