Tech savvy programmer & website help needed

need help with my website. if one of you feels like tackling this, or any parts of the list below, please get in contact with me by pm or responding to this thread.

all the files are uploaded. the website is 100% complete and functional, it just needs a few things:

[]mySQL: you need to add a hostname, user and database
]rename a few files
[]move a file or two (possibly)
]the website currently has “Invision Power Board” forums installed and functional. however, the website has its own custom forums which were disabled for the IPB installation. I want to reactivate the custom forums so that my website has the seamless integration of the original forums. so you’ll need to remove the pointers to the IPB and reset the pointers to the integrated (original) forums.

i am clinically disabled, which means that i am not able to work and generate my own income to live on. i’m on federal govt social security. in other words, i don’t have a lot of money. the website is not a revenue generator. if you only do this for money, probly the most i can get together is $120 USD.

You can easily learn how to do all this yourself (and save yourself the money) by googling those four items. Renaming and moving files is easy via the command line or ftp, for example.

I had a website programmer look at my website. Here’s what he had to say:

Is he spot on? Or is he trying to sell me a new website?

I have thousands of hours available. However, I know nothing about the task at hand and how to go about recreating the SQL database. Would you discourage me from undertaking this?

Do you still have a copy of the database that contains all the old thread from your forum? And which program were you using to run your forums?

answer to the first question is, unfortunately, i don’t know.

answer to the second question is: they were custom coded forums. my forums were not robust like this forum or IPB. but, they were integrated into the website and looked good.

i apologize for not being of much help.

The guy you spoke to was correct in that if you don’t have the database, you will have to start over. While you might have all of your application files and whatnot, the database actually stores your custom information (users, posts, and other settings). You say your old forum was a custom forum but how custom was it? Did the person who made it make it completely from scratch or did he take an existing forum code and modify it (it is extremely rare for someone to completely roll their own with so many very good free alternatives to start with)? If he used existing forum software and modified it, it might be possible for you to find a script to convert from whatever it was to IPB. Anyway, this obviously hinges on you still having access to the old database file.

Have you moved web host? I am guessing possibly so, it is possible if so that the old web host still has a backup of the database
If you have ben with DH all along, the database should still be in your web panel, unless you deleted it.