i would like to host a small teamspeak server on DH. how would i go about doing this? (i really have no idea :()

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I donā€™t know a lot about teamspeak, but from the information on their website, I do not not believe you will be able to run a teamspeak server on a Dreamhost shared server due to the fact that Dreamhost does not allow ā€œpersistant processesā€ to be run on shared servers.

A little more insight to this can be found on the Dreamhost wiki at What is your persistent ā€œbackground processā€ policy.


Like rlparker said, you most likely will not be able to run teamspeak on DreamHost.

What you are looking for is a dedicated server solution or co-location, or a company that makes its business from hosting server applications like teamspeak. DreamHost is not one of them.
The teamspeak web site has a list of ā€˜Authorized Hostersā€™ that you can find here: or perhaps you can ask around on the teamspeak forums.

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