I searched in the forum earlier today but when i found it yall said nothing about if it was allowed so ill ask again.

Would Teamspeak be allowed to run on the server?

  • doesnt use much “umph” from the server
  • bandwidth at the max at my use was 8 gb a month.

If it is allowed who would i e-mail about not shutting it down?
Can i put like a process cap on it so it doesnt use up more than 10-20% of the load, or somehting like that?

If you want an “official” answer about this, you’re in the wrong place.

I’d suggest contacting support (or sales, if you’re not a current customer). You should make sure to explain what the program is, and provide a link for more information.

Off the top of my head, this doesn’t sound like something we’d support on a shared hosting machine.

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