TeamSpeak VOIP

I was told I couldn’t run a TeamSpeak Server on my VPS and I’ve also read how the process watch would kill it immediately, but I see one is being ran on “” and I’m pretty sure its a VPS. Has the policy changed?

Who told you that you couldn’t? Did they give any reason?

I asked support they said no and directed me to this wiki.

I think they’re reading it wrong.

Sorry provided the wrong link. I sent an email to support asking if I could run a TS server and they replied no and reference this link.

Item 3 prohibits being ran on a “shared” server where as item 4 refering to TS doesn’t specify what kind of server,only states prohibited. So this would indicate it can’t be ran on any dreamhost server. Just to clarify, I am referring to a VPS and not a dedicated server. I will ask again.

I’m pretty sure that page dates to before we offered VPS hosting. It’s super out of date.

I’ve updated the page to refer directly to our AUP, which has a more accurate explanation of what is and isn’t permitted. In short, we have no restrictions on persistent processes on VPS or dedicated servers, beyond those restrictions that would apply to any process. (For instance, a script that sent spam emails would be forbidden no matter whether it was persistent or not, and no matter what level of hosting it was on.)