Teach me how to redirect pages from another site, please

My old site is still active, tspguitar.com. I am going to use it for other purposes, until my contract runs out.

Several pages on it related to guitar reviews are currently landing on Google’s first page, even though I knew nothing about SEO when I made the site.

I do not want to lose that exposure. In fact I would like to use it to bolster the new site. I already posted pages on my new site containing the contents of the entire old site.

I would like to set something up on that site (not a WordPress site) so when someone clicks on one of those Google links it actually redirects them to the same article or review, but on my new Dreamhost WordPress site.

I assume I can set up some redirect code, and just remove the original page from the menus and look of the old site when I revamp it.

But I thought someone here might know the best place to learn how to do that, or might be able to just tell me, if it is actually an easy thing to do.


Not ready to redo the other site yet, but I will probably start on that next week.

There are a couple ways to do this. Since the URLs are changing, you can do redirects easier if you’re going from one format to another.

You can use .htaccess redirects to point one folder to another like this:

RedirectMatch 301 /oldfolder/(.*) /newfolder/$1

But really the best way is to decide what you want your new URL structure to be, and then try to make the new one as similar as you can. So if you’re going from domain.com/article/foo.php you would, in WP, make sure the URL of the new article was domain.com/article/foo/ and the .htaccess looks like this:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^/article/(.*).php /article/$1

If you can’t do that, then it’s a onesy-twosey .htaccess redirect where you point each page manually in .htaccess… Which is a pain,but doable.

If I remember correctly his old site is hosted elsewhere.

Would this help?


Yes, the old site is not Dreamhost.

The new site is.

To use this guide I guess I would have to have Apache on both hosts. Would it be something already installed by default on my Dreamhost WordPress sites?

Being clueless about all such background things, I may just replace the content of those pages with a hyper link saying “This article has move to its new home”.

You only need .htaccess or other form of redirection at the original (non-DreamHost) site.

.htaccess redirection is often preferred as it plays traffic cop at the gate rather than letting traffic in just to have another method (PHP redirection, etc.) guiding it back out to the correct destination.