Hey there,

I am usually okay with installing and running scripts. However, a client just sent me one she wants installed that requires tcl which I have not even heard of (which really isn’t saying much). This is the website that talks about the software, but I can’t figure out for the life of me how to install it or even if I can on DreamHost servers.

Is there anyone out there that might have some info?? PLEASE!!!

thanks in advance,

I’m not familiar with TCL myself (although I’ve heard about it as both an adjunct to and a replacement for Perl), but from a cursory glance at the web page, it looks to me like it runs on a UNIX system. It should run on Dreamhost; you could try installing it in your (or your client’s) home directory. I would start by downloading it and looking at the install instructions to see if it’s something you can handle. Also, you could try sending an email to Dreamhost tech support to get their opinon.

We do have tclsh installed, so if you put:
at the top of the script, it may well work.


I wasn’t sure where to find that info at and knew one of the wise and wonderous ones here would point me in that direction if it were true.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look that up.