TCExam Installation

Hello, I know the command line, but not too familiar with apache, php, etc. Looking to appeal to someone to check out this link

and give me their opinion on installing this on dreamhost (not a private server account) i.e. should I just strictly follow the instructions at this link or what should I alter to get it to work on a dreamhost account. Thanks much!

It looks pretty basic to me, the requirements. DH should have most if not all of those installed and configured the way most programs want it. It might be better if you just try and go ahead with the install, and come back with any error/problem spots you find.

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Thanks for responding. Before I even attempt installation though, one question is, referring to this:

Do I actually install it under /var/www/ as stated in these instructions? I mean I don’t really have access or permission to install there do I? Or do I put it under my web site area, i.e. in my case for my user space is /home/aldinc/ Do I install there instead?

" /var/www/" is usually an example path used to indicate the base directory of your website. At DreamHost, that will be:


“yourFTPUserName” is the directory you find yourself in when you connect via FTP. By default, “yourWebDirectioryName” will be your domain name, unless you set it up as something differently when you set up the domain.

–DreamHost Tech Support

Yes. You put it wherever it will be publicly accessible. Which, in your case, would be your website dir under your username.

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Thanks again for your assistance. I really appreciate it. Ok, so I uploaded the to my public web directory, unzipped it and via browser am ready to run the install. Question is, again at:

The db user: should I leave it as ‘root’ or just pick a name?


You’ll need to set up a MySQL database in the control panel. It will tell you to set up a hostname, username, password, and whatever you want to call your database. That’s what you’ll feed to the install file.

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I created a MySQL database called aldincexam and a username of the same… then entered the following into: and when I press Install, it returns an “Internal Server Error”.

Are you providing it the hostname you set up for that database as well? Hint: it’s not localhost.

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Thanks but I used That’s correct isn’t. If yes, hmmm. What else?

What about the drop existing database or create new database checkboxes. If I created a database via web panel, I’m assuming neither of those boxes should be checked. So here are all the settings I have:

db type: MYSQL
db host:
db port: 3306
db user: aldincexam (I created at webpanel)
db password: (one I created at webpanel)
db name: aldincexam ( I used the same as db user)
tables prefix: tce_
host URL:
relative URL: /TCExam/
TCExam path: /home/.mokey/aldinc/
TCExam Port: 80
Drop Existing Database? (unchecked)
Create New Database? (unchecked)

That looks accurate. Let me see if I can grab a copy and reproduce the problem.

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I got curious and installed a copy of it on my server, went through no problem. A suggestion: try it with the path set to just /home/username/domain/TCExam and see what that does.

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Did what you suggested. No luck. Still a 500 Internal Server Error. Grasping… an ownership or permissions problem?

I don’t think so. All I did was just straight unzip and run the install script, no changing of permissions.

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Did you install this on a similar dreamhost server?

Did you have the install script create the database or did you do it in advance?

All the DH servers are, to my knowledge, pretty similar. And I went ahead and created the DB myself. I don’t think DB users have create permissions, so you pretty much have to do that step via the panel.

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Well thanks for the help. I don’t get it and DH itself won’t provide any direct support right?

Contact them and see. Since I think it might be a server issue, they might just help you out. Point them to this thread if you need to.

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I hit up the TCExam discussion forum and they returned with this:

“This means that you haven’t properly set the files permissions. Try to change the files owner/group to match the Webserver user and set all files permissions to 777.
After installation change the file permissions as described on the installation guide on

Anyone know the name of the ‘webserver’ user on crush? Assuming that DH would use the same webserver name on other similar servers, what is the webserver user name on your server? How/where would I look to find out what it is on my server ‘crush’? Thanks!

If you’re running PHP as CGI, which DH recommends, the webserver runs under your username to maximise security. So the PHP scripts TCExam needs are running as you. Therefore, when you upload and unzip the files, you shouldn’t have to change anything.

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