Tastes like spam?

I just got an email “from DreamHost” but the english is so bad, I have my doubts. Also, the link is not true when I hovered on it … seriously not believing this to be from DreamHost.
Did anyone else get one of these?
The subject is: Tariff plan changes…

Dear DreamHost client,

In your account has been created request for changing of a tariff plan.
It is necessary confirmation of this request.
You can do it in the section (Change tariff) Virtual Offices :


DreamHost hosting Team.

A number of our clients have reported getting similar spam messages. They were not sent by us! Please disregard them, and do not click the link in the message.

Yeah, it’s a phishing email. Before you delete it, use it to train your email’s spam filter.

FYI, when one is in doubt about the validity or safety of a link, I recommend a script called “Snoop-a-page” (formerly “Master Snooper”). It shows you the HTML source code of the URL, so you can see whether you want to go there. I’ve used it for many years.

One can install this very handy PHP script on one’s own site – see this page. It’s free; just follow the directions.

[i]Copy the source code of the Snoop-a-page software and save it to your server as a PHP page. Give it file name snooper.php (or other .php name if you prefer).

You’re now able to request a document from any URL and see both the header information and the source code of the document as the server provides them.

A handy tool to have around. Especially for site developers.[/i]

Update: I took my own advice. It took all of 30 seconds to put it on my DH-hosted site. Try it here, and if you like it, install it on yours:


no, didn’t click on it, just hovered… and yes, clicked spam. interesting snooper.php but I’m not all that great at php any more.
Thanks guys.

I don’t know anything about PHP. All I did was:

  1. Copy the code on the Willmaster page
  2. Paste it into my favorite text editor
  3. Saved it as ‘snooper.php’
  4. ftp’d it to my website.

And it works. I do likes me those Willmaster scripts.