Task Queues & Message Brokers for Python on Dreamhost shared hosting

What options are available for setting up a task queue with a message broker for use with Python on Dreamhost’s shared hosting services?

For example, is it possible to use something like Celery with RabbitMQ or Redis?

Not familiar with task queues, see



Hi Greg, if you can’t find documentation on help.dreamhost.com usually that means that what you’re trying to do is not officially supported. That said, you may be able to install the packages you need in a python virtualenv on shared hosting. How that is going to perform and work with your application is a whole different story.

Have you considered running your queues on DreamCompute instead? The costs may be similarly not prohibitive and if you write a tutorial, you get discounts on your monthly bill https://github.com/dreamhost/dreamcloud-docs/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.rst

Hmmm… I’m just writing my web app for fun, so I was hoping not to incur any costs.

I work in a big enterprise environment where we have infrastructure that has message brokers for doing asynchronous processing for long running tasks, so I just wanted to see if it was possible on Dreamhost. Also this can be used for notify a calling app, that an asynchronous process has been completed.

All I really wanted was an eloquent way to execute asynchronous tasks in the background from python. I know I could use the Thread class in the python threading module to do this, but this tends to be hard to manage and maintain.



Did you figure out any solutions for a message broker? I’m in a similar situation, but long term it’d be nice to have a more robust solution than straight up threads in Python.

Greg Hazen