Tansferring hosting account

Hi…I have a hosting account at GoDaddy that gives me about 50% up time. I have had it.
I’d like to transfer my hosting account to Dreamhost. I’m no web genius, so bear with me here…
I have three Windows based sites. One is a Windows based Wordpress site, and the other is an Awake template site also Windows based. The other site is HTML based.
Can I transfer those sites to Dreamhost even though they are Windows based? Or do you just host Linux based sites?

Thank you.

Please say yes…they’re killing me over there…

I don’t think WordPress hosting requires Windows or their is any difference between Windows based Wordpress and linux based WordPress. So you can move your WP from Windows to Linux.

I don’t know about other sites but it all those needs Apatche, mySQL than You can host those sites otherwise you need extra effort and money to switch from Windows based server to Linux based server.

Dreamhost is much better in terms of downtime. But remember If you need more RAM or CPU consider switching to DH VPS, Not on shared hosting. You may try with 97 days money-back guarantee. I have made some review about DH shared hosting, You may visit my blog NetRival.com (and search “Dreamhost”) to read my posts.

I seem to remember reading that there’s a difference in how the Linux system reads and processes Windows based sites. Any other opinions out there?
I just want to make as smooth a transition as possible.

You won’t have any issues moving your WordPress sites to DH or the one that is just html pages. The only thing I found for ‘awake template’ was a template that was for WordPress also so that would be fine. Just because you are hosted on a windows server, that doesn’t mean you have a windows based site. Sites are based on whatever code it is made of. Your site is based on WordPress which uses php and mysql which is standard for linux hosting as well. If you were using something like asp there would be a problem as that is something specific to windows servers.

Bless you.